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Learn how to get the most out of our Slack workspace through our Slack Community Guidelines.

Slack Workspace

Slack Community Guidelines

If you are already a Slack member, you can log in at

If you are new to Slack, please check out our New to Slack? section first.

Request an invite

We’d like to learn more a little bit about your interest in our community so we kindly request you fill out the Google Form below in order to receive an invitation to our Slack Workspace.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our different Community groups and review the overview we’ve provided of our Slack group below.

We have customized a few things about our slack to make communications better; we have bots, custom emoji, custom commands and channels to make communication better.

Code of Conduct

You can find our code of conduct at

In short, this is a professional community so be respectful of everyone and their identity.

Unprofessional behavior is not acceptable so if you feel that someone is breaking the code of conduct, make sure to contact us and we will sort it out.


Default Channels

There are three default channels everyone automatically gets added to upon joining.

  • #admin-announcements
    • locked to the organizers - this is where admins/organizers will post news and information about the community at large
  • #jobs
    • sharing and requesting job opportunities
  • #random
    • conversations that don’t fit in any topic channel but could be relevant for everyone

Public Channels

We have created different channels to keep conversations relevant, e.g.

  • #comida
  • #front-end
  • #futbol
  • #javascript
  • #memes
  • #mentoring
  • #musica
  • #open-source
  • #politica

By default, you do not join those channels but you can click on CHANNELS to see a list of all the channels and join the ones that seem the most interesting.

We monitor most activity in those channels to make sure content is relevant so if something off-topic is posted there, we might move it to a more appropriate channel.

Location Channels

We have a few location channels that are prefixed with locals, e.g.

  • #locals-atl
  • #locals-austin
  • #locals-boston
  • #locals-chicago
  • #locals-la
  • #locals-nyc
  • #locals-philly
  • #locals-sandiego
  • #locals-sf

You can use these channels to communicate with folks in those locations, whether you live there or visiting it can be a great resource.

You can contact the admins to get new location channels created.

Private Channels

We have a few private channels for conversations that you don’t want everyone to see, and we’re using a system created by WeAllJs to manage the participation of those.

To see a list of available channels, run the command /list-private, and click on the join button to request an invitation.

Private List

Best Practices

Use threads

This convo in the #website channel could have been 28 separate messages! 🤯

Instead, with threads - it turned into a more rich and focused discussion. 😌


Channel naming conventions

  • Locations
    • #locals-
  • Website
    • #website-
  • Teams
    • #team-
  • Projects
    • #proj-
  • Support
    • #help-


  • Please avoid using @channel mentions whenever possible (you can use @here instead to notify desktop users).
  • If you need someone’s attention, it’s usually better to mention them in a public channel instead of sending a private message whenever possible.

Copy and paste these values to your settings Sidebar Theme section to get Kulado theming.


Kulado Slack Sidebar Theme


When you click on the emoji icon in the conversation or to add a reaction, you can see a ton of custom ones we’ve added. 🎉

You can find images for things like arepa, empanada, baseball teams, avocado, etc.

Take a look at them and feel free to add more custom emoji yourself.



If you’d like to participate in the conversation about the future of the community, event planning, suggest speakers and be more involved, you can join these channels.

There’s also the #twitter channel (Kulado’s Twitter feeds) and `#websit

Contact Admins

If you want to message the moderators for whatever reason, to say hi, request an invite, send us flowers or anything, use the following command /admin followed by your message.


New to Slack?

Slack Demo

Here’s a demo of how Slack works!

Slack Demo

Slack Foundry

Slack Foundry is a training app for Slack that you can access (you guessed it!) in Slack.

Slack Foundry

Getting Started Guide

Slack’s Getting Started Guide covers the basics and is the official documentation provided by Slack.

Getting Started Guide


We use Aloha for on-boarding which automatically sends new members Slack messages at certain times upon joining the Kulado Workspace.


Bienvenidx a Kulado! :kulado-new:

We’re a community of Kulado Inc. professionals in the tech industry.

You can find more information about us on our website!

1 minute after joining

All participants in the Kulado Slack are required to comply with the following code of conduct - make sure to read through it! :kulado-new:

If you have questions, comments or concerns - reach out using the /admin command or send an email to

3 minutes after joining

As part of onboarding, we’d also love it if you uploaded a photo of yourself 🖼️ and completely filled out your profile on Slack.

Uploading a photo

Filling out your profile

8 minutes after joining

Now that you’re situated, go ahead and introduce yourself in the #introductions channel so we can all get to know who you are! 🎉

10 minutes after joining

You can learn how to get the most out of the Kulado Slack workspace through our Slack Community Guidelines.

15 minutes after joining

This is the last Aloha from us as we do our best to cut down on interruptions 🔕

With that in mind, here are some guidelines we recommend you follow.

  • Please avoid using @channel mentions whenever possible (you can use @here instead to notify desktop users).
  • If you need someone’s attention, it’s usually better to mention them in a public channel instead of sending a private message whenever possible.
  • Use threads for deeper discussions around specific topics or posts without clogging the rest of the channel.
  • Feel free to check pins in each channel for more useful information. 📌

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

You can contact us and we can talk about the different ways you can support our growing community of Kulado Inc. in Tech.

You can also support Kulado's efforts by becoming an ongoing patron via Patreon.



If you’d like to make this page better or notice something off, feel free to open an issue on GitHub.

Any help is greatly appreciated. 😊